Hannover Exchange

The cities of Bristol and Hanover were twined in 1947 after a Bristol businessman went on holiday to Hanover and was shocked to find the kids still running around in the street bare foot. On his return, he organised a collection of shoes and shipped them over. And so the twining began …

The exchange is a lively sporting, social and cultural event, which Ariel joined in 1981, and nothing like some school trip you might have hidden from when you were a kid. Each year teams of athletes and their supporters cross the English Channel to compete against one another in their respective sports. Ariel leads the way and is the only Bristol rowing club to take part in this event. Our associated rowing club in Hanover is RV Linden 1911.

Each year we either travel to Germany or host our German counterparts in our homes. Ariel times the away-trip to compete in the Head of the River Leine, Germany’s most renowned head race. This is a highly competitive eights race attracting many international oars men and women. In 2006, Ariel recorded two outright category wins – the first British rowing club ever to do so. Each year Linden and Ariel also battle it out for the coveted Bristol Hanover Challenge Cup.