Welcome to Bristol Ariel Rowing Club


Bristol Ariel Rowing Club (founded 1870) offers the opportunity of rowing, sculling and coxing on a beautiful 6km stretch of the Avon. We also offer opportunities for coaching and volunteering in other capacities, as well as Go Row Indoor and Learn to Row classes. 


Bristol Ariel Rowing Club is the club for you if:

  • You are moving to Bristol and want to join a thriving sporting club
  • You are an experienced rower or sculler and want to get back into the sport
  • You would like to get fit in a proven and effective way
  • You would like to take up a new sport, but want to enjoy a great social life too
  • You are a student and would like to row during the holidays
  • You would like to try coxing or coaching 

Our facilities

  • Boats to cater to all abilities from stable sculling boats to racing boats.
  • A recently refurbished clubhouse with changing rooms, showers, kitchen and social area, all heated.
  • A well equipped gym.
  • Coaching launches


Contact us today and arrange to come down and see Bristol Ariel Rowing Club for yourself.

Welfare Statement

In line with the British Rowing Code of Conduct, all members of Bristol Ariel Rowing Club have the right:

  • to be treated with respect;
  • to participate in an environment free from the threat of abuse or discrimination;
  • not to be subject to humiliation, shame or insult;
  • not to have to endure verbal abuse or bullying.

If you feel that this code is not being adhered to, your concerns can be discussed informally in the first instance with either the Welfare Officer, squad co-ordinator, squad coach or a senior club member.


B.A.R.C. Committee Report form