Go Row Indoor

Want to get fit? Want to lose weight? Looking for a great workout programme?

Well...sit down now!

Come and find out how you can join our Indoor Rowing classes with the experts.  A new opportunity to get fit, have fun and socialise in Bristol.  Register your interest today by scrolling down to fill out the enquiry form.


The Indoor Rowing Class Schedule 2019

 New term! - June and July Class schedule now published


Monday Fitness Class at 5:45pm 

Wednesday Fitness Class at 5:45 

·         Friday Fitness Class at 5:45pm 

·         Free Taster Class Saturday 1pm (Induction class)

·         Saturday 1st Fitness Class 2pm

·         Saturday 2nd Fitness Class 3pm



     Other than the Free Taster Class – classes remain at £5 each


To Book classes you now have the following options


·        Download the GymSync app  (this is really easy – you just need to download – iOS or Android, find Bristol Ariel Rowing Club …and job’s a good ‘un!)

·         Go to the GymSync website – log in once and you're done 

·        For available class details please register your interest below 





Let us introduce you to something new 

Something that may change your life 


Indoor Rowing is the total workout that is fun, simple to learn, and minute-for- minute burns more calories than almost any other exercise...and you do it sitting down!

Indoor rowing is one of the fastest growing and most effective exercise programmes and it is now coming to your neighbourhood.

45 minute classes run by Indoor Rowing experts with technique coaching and advice.

Session Charges £5 each

Advance booking required as spaces are limited

The Go Row Classes are delivered at the Bristol Ariel Rowing Club

An Oasis of calm and beauty in a crazy world 

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Supported by British Rowing




Please complete and submit the inquiry form to make contact with the Go Row Indoor team: 

Go Row Indoor coordinator: Julien Tavener,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .